Runway Rebellion:

Queerly Designed, Ethically Aligned

Fashion Show

New Date: October 11th, 2024

Time: 5-11pm

Location: Truss House, RiNo Art Park

(3400 Arkins Ct. Denver)

The Runway Rebellion is a queer and ecologically justice-focused movement to highlight local queer designers and solutions to our current fashion system. We call all trailblazers and trendsetters, from visionary fashion designers weaving tales of eco-chic to captivating performers and speakers igniting conversations on inclusivity and environmental stewardship.  

The fast fashion industry’s relentless production of new clothes heavily affects our environment. Garment manufacturing produces waste, which harms wildlife, land, and water. This unsustainable business model not only pollutes our atmosphere at an alarming rate but also exploits human labor. 

This will be an educational event, starting with a panel to discuss the social and environmental harms of the current system and solutions to encourage participants to change how they interact with fashion. 

There are many alternatives to fast fashion, including buying second-hand, organizing clothing swaps, and supporting sustainable brands. Our Queer Eco-Fashion show will showcase exactly that. We will have fun elements like a runway, drag show, vendors, music, refreshments, and food. 

This isn’t just a fashion show; it’s a movement—a collective effort to redefine what it means to be fabulous while caring for the world we inhabit. We are elevating creativity, design, and the talents of LGBTQ+ artists. This event will not only showcase the incredible work of the queer community but ensure that all models, designers, and creators are compensated in an industry where human labor is often exploited.



We wouldn’t be here without the contributions of the greater community! Click below to find out how you can contribute in support of our mission. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity!